Therapy Support

Therapy support for each child is unique to their needs, and we may draw from a range of research-based principles and programmes to tailor intervention. Have a look at some of the programmes we offer.


Secret Agent Society – Solving the Mystery of Social Encounters  

The Secret Agent Society programme was created to help 8-12 year olds with high functioning autism build social skills to enable them to develop satisfying relationships with other people and navigate day to day social situations calmly. Currently Heather runs these groups on an as-needed basis with Occupational Therapist Terri Ahrens.

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“The Hanen Centre is a Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization committed to supporting parents, early childhood educators and speech-language pathologists in their efforts to promote the best possible language, social and literacy skills in young children.” (from Hanen website - click on link to the right)

Currently we can offer you support with the It Takes Two To Talk, More Than Words and TalkAbility programmes.

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Hanen Programmes 

Phonological Awareness for Literacy (PAL)    

The PAL was created at the University to Queensland, using the combined knowledge and skills of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Educators to help children grappling with acquiring decoding and encoding skills needed for successful reading and spelling. The PAL specifically helps children learn to recognise the sound structure of spoken words and link this with symbols representing them (i.e. letters!).

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SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding

This approach helps fussy eaters incorporate a wider variety of foods into their diet to support nutrition and the development of oral feeding skills in a gentle, fun, systematic and non-threatening way.

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The Mulitlit programme grew from research at Macquarie University and aims to help low progress readers bridge the gap in reading and spelling skills. We currently offer the Reading Tutor programme.

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Multilit (Making up for lost time in literacy) 

Lidcombe Programme (Stuttering)

The world-leading Lidcombe programme developed from research at Sydney University and is aimed at helping young children who stutter achieve and maintain stutter-free speech.

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The series of Talkabout programmes by Alex Kelly (UK) were developed to help younger children and older children and adults with developmental delays build social skills. Activities from each programme can be tailored to suit the needs of individuals and small groups.

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Accessing Collective Wisdom and Knowledge